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Changing internet hosting company is something that the majority webmasters are probably to think about at some purpose in time. However, as we tend to mention in an exceedingly previous article, the online hosting and also the physical location of the server will have an effect on the SEO rankings of an internet site. As a result, even if transferring to a brand new internet host isn't nearly as risky as dynamical your image, it ought to be performed with caution. during this tutorial we are going to discuss what belongings you ought to have in mind before shift hosts, what are the risks of doing this and the way to properly amendment your website’s host while not moving your SEO rankings.

Disclaimer: The below procedure needs you to own a basic understanding of the assorted internet technologies and it will heavily have an effect on your SEO standing. It’s powerfully suggested to not proceed to any of the below updates unless you're tech-savvy and you recognize what you're doing.

1. Find a hosting company that matches your needs

Finding a hosting company that absolutely covers your wants may be a troublesome task. This is often as a result of making certain that the new host has all the required options that are required to show your website properly is one among the foremost necessary steps. Despite the fact that the chosen method of the hosting company is on the far side the scope of this text one should concentrate on the followings:

Mind the software package of the server and the supported net technology. Does one want a Windows or a UNIX operating system server? Is your website coded in PHP, JSP, ASP or ASP.NET? What sound unit system does one require? Ensure that the new host is compatible with the technical specifications of your website.

2. Select the location of the Server carefully

As we have discussed, the physical location of the server is employed as a GEO location signal by most search indexers. As a result, if the server of the new hosting company is found on a distinct country than the one in the entire recent host, this would possibly have an effect on your rankings. Typically the simplest alternative is to host your website to a server that's placed on the identical country because of the one in all your audience. Several major hosting corporations provide you with the prospect to pick the placement of the server, thus ensure you are taking this conjointly into consideration whereas shopping for your hosting pack.

3. Upload the website on the new host & test it

Before we tend to make a case for the method of fixing the DNS records, let’s, in short, provides a simplified rationalization of what DNS is. The DNS stands for name System and it's a service that maps the domain names to their information science addresses. The information science addresses are the network addresses of the servers that host your website. Therefore during a sense, the DNS may be a service that helps us decide that server host the website Once we amendment a hosting company, we tend to essentially transfer our website from the recent server with information science A to the new server with information science B. As a result, so as to complete the transfer of a website we want to update the DNS records and advise the planet that the information science address of has modified.

4. Change your DNS records

As we tend to aforementioned on the on top of the step, so as to complete the transfer you wish to update the DNS records and purpose them to the new website. Counting on however your new net hosting works you would possibly update the Name Server records or the A Records. What is more, don’t forget to vary back the TTL time from five minutes to twenty-four hours.

The final thing that I might wish to stress, notwithstanding it's not relating to SEO, is that if you alter the DNS records of your domain, this may additionally have an effect on your emails. Therefore if you don’t maintain the emails on your previous host by putting in place MX records, then you need to confirm to line up the e-mail accounts together with your new hosting company before you alter your DNS records.

5. Keep both servers live for 1 or 2 days

Unfortunately, some browsers and alternative applications tend to store the DNS records for longer than the TTL price. As a result, it's usually suggested to stay the previous server live for one or two days when the transfer is completed. This may assist you to make sure that you may not lose any traffic or emails. Search Engines conjointly tend to update the DNS Records every twenty-four hours or less, thus although they will handle such transitions virtually, it's forever best to play it safe and maintain the systems for a touch whereas.

Web host transfer checklist

Choose a documented hosting company that covers your desires. Mind the technical characteristics of the server

Select rigorously the placement of the server. Either decides a brand new host settled on a similar country to your previous or places it to the most country of your audience.

Upload the site’s files via FTP on the new host and set up your information. Make sure that everything works utterly on your new host. Perform thorough tests.

Change the TTL values to three hundred sec and wait one day till you transfer the location. (Optional)

Setup on your new host all the e-mail accounts, FTP accounts and assemble it to figure properly before you go live.

Upload once more on the new host the files that were modified since step three. Also, check if the information must be updated.

Change the DNS records by the change to the new Name servers or A Records and purpose the domain to the new host.

Remove your website from the recent hosting company two days once the transition is completed.

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