Mobile App Hosting Service

When it involves building succeeding massive factor, you would like the liberty to specialize in up your app, not running your infrastructure. However, the cloud doesn’t manage itself. That’s why you would like application hosting from Mobio Softwares, the cloud that comes with all the engineers and consultants you would like to manage your stack from prime to bottom. That method you'll be able to pay some time on your code, rather than your infrastructure.
Host your mobile app over our platform helps you leverage whichever device and client-type most suitable to your target user. Build and deliver an enterprise-class app, while entire lifecycle of your application is managed & hosted with High-performance API infrastructure.

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You Build, We Host on App-Ready Architecture

Social media, sell-purchase, asking or a politician app developed for business communication build your app and allow us to upgrade and scale in our High handiness design. A fast deploys, a rapid upgrade associate degreed an endless observation is what your app gets with our Mobile App Hosting Service.

24x7 Performance Monitoring

Your Mobile Apps ought to keep on-line continuously and cargo quickly and for that, we're equipped. The complete 10GB/s network is monitored unrelentingly by specialists in our Network Operations Center (NOC), so you run your favorite application seamlessly

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Pay only for what you use

Avoid further value. Our proved Pay-per-use technology helps you save significantly, as you pay just for the resources you really use. In alternative things, after you release resources, we tend to free you of the price.

Let Your Developers Code a New Thing, With Complete Focus & Full Control

Want to develop a replacement app, go ahead, and focus. Your developers will take hold through full root/ admin control of the servers. Store, operate languages like .NET and NodeJS, and many more. Get a strong and versatile backend.

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Cloud (Enterprise, Private, Hybrid) you choose your platform, We Deploy and Manage

Cloud is for Scale. Get your mobile application up and running on a platform that you simply select. Build a reliable, high speed however extremely secure backend on enterprise, personal or hybrid cloud and for extremely competent mobile applications.

Full Protection and Security

Get high finish risk-mitigation for your mobile application and keep protected against DDoS attacks and the other threats. With MTvScan, you'll change a defense reaction that offers advanced application level security and eliminates prospects of a delay.

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What Clients Say

  • As a current client of Mobio Softwares from the last 1 year, I would recommend to all the corporate businesses to try this group at least once to know their capability and effectiveness of the marketing solutions.

    adam buss

  • Mobio Softwares has the right stuff and skills to deliver best marketing solutions for businesses. I would highly recommend them.

    Maria Disuza