A website migration may be a term broadly speaking employed by SEO professionals to explain any event whereby an internet site undergoes substantial changes in areas that may considerably have an effect on computer program visibility, generally changes to the site’s location, platform, structure, content, design, or UX.

Google’s documentation on website migrations doesn’t cover them in nice depth and downplays the actual fact that thus typically they end in vital traffic and revenue loss, which may last from a couple of weeks to many months, counting on the extent computer program ranking signals are affected, further as however long it should take the affected business to roll out a prospering recovery set up.

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This page is employed to document the processes used to migrate sites from alternative internet hosts to an internet hosting account with Anchor. The aim is to form the migration as seamless as attainable from the shoppers prospective.
A summary of the process:


  • Make certain you've got all necessary data
  • Request originated of the hosting account
  • Replicate DNS
  • Re-delegate the domain
  • Copy the positioning content
  • Test the positioning on the temporary domain
  • Configure email services
  • Change DNS records.

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